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Integration of Technologies are the Key

Effective professional web development is complex, requiring a knowledge of multiple platforms in order to produce a robust, extensible, maintainable, dynamic web presence.

Knowing which technologies to use in combination to produce a website which works to achieve the goals of the website owner and its customers/audience, involves a detailed understanding of the ever-changing technologies available.

Knowing how and when to combine various browser, middleware, and server-side technologies is essential for modern web development.

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Proper use of basic technologies to produce dynamic websites is a professional software engineering challenge.

Added to the essential professional mix of expertise is a comprehensive knowledge of design, communications modalities, and psychology.

Crafting the right message means developers must also master content generation technologies for text, graphics, animations, sound, and video elements. Powerfully combining content and code is an essential skill set for professional Web design.

SoftScience Web Media has all those bases covered.

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