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SoftScience Web Media is a division of SoftScience Group, Inc., a 25 year old software development firm based in Kansas City. SoftScience Web Media specializes in new media development.

We offer a broad range of services covering all the new media bases. From professional strength web design, website development, web administration, web applications, mobile apps, and content development to full multi-platform solutions encompassing corporate backoffice databases, desktop applications, web presences, and mobile apps if needed.

We do not limit our web offerings to template-based or CMS (content management system) solutions, because not every client's situation is the same. There is not one particular solution paradigm that is well suited for every client. We believe that each client's web presence needs to be evolvable as their business needs change.

SoftScience Web Media will recommend an appropriate platform that will evolve to meet your changing needs. In some cases a custom framework may need to be built, in other cases a content management solution with off-the-shelf components may be the answer.

Unlike many web development organizations, Softscience Web Media has a unique cross-platform, cross-paradigm breadth of skills, meaning we are not limited to one type of solution. Let us consult with you about your specific needs.

To learn more about the more traditional software development services offered through SoftScience Group, Inc. go here.

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